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My: Everything at MyBoTree focuses on the individual, with a sense of belonging and personal fulfillment

Bo: Derived from ‘Bodhi’, the tree of enlightenment. Symbolizes awareness, discovery and growth

Tree: The simplest, mightiest symbol of giving; the eternal source of all nourishment

MyBoTree is a vibrant, exciting space for events, activities and performances in the heart of Koramangala, Bangalore; a deeply nurturing hub for discovery, learning and growth. The brainchild of three women professionals from the corporate sector, MyBoTree plays host to joyful, transformational experiences.



Sangeeta Mahendran

Sangeeta Prabhu Mahendran has led sales, marketing, operations and business development teams at leading corporates for over 27 years. Passionate about women's empowerment, she is a Business Mentor with Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. Active globally in Diversity & Inclusion, Sangeeta was nominated as a Mentor of Change for the Atal Innovation Program by Niti Aayog.


Jaya Nair

Jaya Nair is a Chartered Accountant with core skills in planning and time & project management, and has led corporate teams for over 20 years. She is devoted to helping children imbibe planning and time management skills as they enter their teens.


Vinita Kurup

Vinita Kurup is an Electrical Enginner with 25 years of corporate experience, passionate about simplifying and professionalizing writing and communication. Vinita also consults with start-ups,and believes in empowering young adults with extra-curricular skills for succeeding in their careers and lives

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