A Butoh - inspired movement workshop

An exploration of the self and your body in an experiential and physical way. We delve into the philosophy of Butoh , the Japanese physical theatre form . Relying heavily on imagery and emotions , the session will encourage you to tap deeper mentally , emotionally and spiritually. The session will lead you through a simple warm-up , stretches and various exercises and tasks to further understand yourself physically & mentally.

Open Body & Open Mind - is the key

Come , allow yourself to submerge into a unique experience of learning , moving, thinking AND having Fun!

ABOUT archana kumar

My introduction to Butoh happened in Seattle , back in 2003. In 2005 , i got the opportunity to work with a well known contemporary theatre director - MR Hiroshi Ohashi, based on Tokyo, Japan and I continue to work under his mentorship until this day. Since 2005 i have collaborated with many Butoh dancers of Tokyo through a unique collaborative project- Asia Meets Asia . Rehearsal sessions under Ohashi San are very intense , thought provoking and mentally n physically draining . It is through these sessions I got exposed to a deeper understanding of Butoh and Noh Theatre . I realize it is the philosophy and restrained practice of these forms that one only very slowly can learn to embody. There isn’t any visibly specific “technique “ to teach, rather it is a process of understanding and learning through rigorous mentoring.



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